KB Asset Management The asset management arm of the KB Financial Group, the largest financial group in Korea, KB Asset Management offers a diverse array of investment portfolio in the global markets. Our products offer investment opportunities both onshore and offshore, with a variety of asset classes ranging from traditional to alternatives.

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Growing with our clients

Here is the company milestone

Kookmin Investment
Consulting Co.
KB Financial Group
Replaced ING as Kookmin
Bank’s major shareholder
KRW 30 trillion in assets
under management
KRW 50 trillion in assets
under management
Alternative investments
department’s AUM
reached KRW 10 trillion
KRW 100 trillion
in assets under

Finance delivering change

We are growing every year helping our clients achieve financial success. We aspire to make the world a better place by doing so.

* (Currency: USD, Source : KOFIA)

December 2010
20 billion
November 2013
30 billion
June 2015
40 billion
April 2019
50 billion
March 2020
70 billion
February 2021
90 billion

Building Overseas Investment Capabilities.

We are constantly innovating our global investments capabilities for our clients

KBAM Shanghai Advisory Service
Investment advisory (Market Research)
Limited company
KBAM Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh)
Research / Business strategy
Network establishment
KBAM Singapore
APAC Long/Short Funds
LFMC(A/I)(Licensed Management Company, Accredited Investor)

KB Financial Group’s key values

KB Asset Management operates based on five core values

KB Financial Group has established its Mission to provide financial service delivering changes for happier life & better world, and its Vision to
become the trusted financial partner for a lifetime driven by world-class talents and bold innovation. Based on prompt decision making and agile execution,
we will continue to be recognized as the most trusted leading financial group by offering differentiated products and services through constant innovation.


Financial service delivering changes - happier life & better world
We aim to deliver financial service that bring happiness and well-being to our customers and society


Driven by world-class talents and bold innovation, to become your trusted financial
partner for a lifetime
Our goal is to become a lifelong financial group by leading innovation that shift the financial paradigm with our best professionals


Customer - centricity
Benefits to our customers and prioritized in our decision making
We relentlessly strive to develop industry-leading competencies
We foster creative thinking and drive first mover initiatives to reshape the future of the financial services industry
Trust & Integrity
As a financial services provider we adhere to the highest standards of ethical conduct, always acting in good faith and with integrity
Shared growth
By growing together with our customers we aim to contribute to the advancement of society