Fund Documents

Information about Complaint Handling Procedure

KB Asset Management is committed to delivering exceptional client service including resolution of clients’ complaints in a fair and equitable manner; clients can file complaints free of charge. The handling of complaints is a high priority in every instance with prompt resolution the ultimate aim. Clients can obtain a summary of the complaint procedure free of charge by contacting us.

Proxy Voting Policy

KB Asset Management does not proxy vote on behalf of all Clients. We have determined that taking on the responsibilities for proxy voting as a service does not add enough value for the clients to justify the additional compliance and regulatory costs associated with proxy voting for client securities.
Clients will receive proxies directly from the qualified custodian or transfer agent; we will not provide clients with the proxies. Clients are encouraged to read through the information provided with the proxy-voting documents and make a determination based on the information provided.

Order Execution

KB Asset Management have in place an order execution policy which outlines the steps it takes to achieve the best possible result when it deals with a client order. KB Asset Management’s Best Execution Policy Overview can be found here (pdf)

Conflicts of Interest

KB Asset Management have in place a conflicts of interest policy which outlines the steps it takes to identify and manage any conflicts of interest, which may arise. KB Asset Management’s Conflicts of Interest Policy Overview can be found here (pdf)